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Terms and Conditions:
The Applicant applies to the Agent to let the Property in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Application. The Applicant has the legal capacity to enter into a formal Residential Tenancy Agreement ("Residential Tenancy Agreement") which is available to the Applicant from the Agent for inspection.
All information provided to the Agent in relation to this Application is true and correct and the Applicant undertakes to promptly advise the Agent of any change to that information.
The Applicant acknowledges that they must sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement as soon as reasonably practicable following acceptance of this Application by the Landlord.
The applicant is not entitled to take possession of the Property until the Residential Tenancy Agreement is signed by the Applicant and returned to the Agent.
The applicant agrees to pay the Rent during the Term in accordance with this Application and the Residential Tenancy Agreement. The applicant must provide the Bond plus an amount equal to two (2) weeks' rent in cash or by bank cheque before taking possession of the Property.
The Applicant authorises the Agent to make all necessary enquiries to verify the information provided by the Applicant in this Application, to provide information related to the Applicant's tenancy of the Property to any Registered Agent who is authorised, by the Applicant to enquire about that matter.
The Applicant authorises their current employer, previous employer (if applicable), accountant (if applicable), current landlord/agent (if applicable), previous landlord/agent (if applicable), and referees as set out in this Application to disclose details of its tenancy, employment and/or character to the Agent for the purpose of processing this Application.